The strength provided by steel means we can manufacture very large windows and doors, something that is not possible with PVC or aluminium.


1.- Renovation and refurbishment of old buildings

Jansen steel carpentry is recommended in the renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings, particularly in changes of use of old industrial buildings into housing or studios and in work on listed buildings.

Refurbishment usually raises the dilemma between, on one hand, preserving the look and feel of a building as far as possible while, on the other, meeting modern standards and current requirements.

In this sense, steel can play a very important role thanks to the advantages it offers due to its characteristics and its design possibilities.


The profiles designed by Jansen allow very small sections while ensuring full strength.

Specifically, the Janisol Art series, is specially designed for the refurbishment of glazed openings in industrial buildings or lofts typical of the Bauhaus style.


2.- New buildings

For new buildings, steel carpentry also offers a series of benefits that cannot be achieved with aluminium or PVC.

In this picture we can see the Jaume Fuster Library, the work of the architect Josep Llinàs, whose glazed perimeter elements are achieved with the Janisol system.


With steel carpentry, we can use the same profile for both doors and windows, regardless of the measurements of the different elements.


3.- For internal divisions

Steel carpentry can be used not only for openings to the outside, but also to make glazed internal divisions.

In this case the Economy system can be used, without thermal bridge rupture as this is not necessary.


4.- Versatility and combination

For the different types of opening, there is a wide range of latches and fittings.

If you want to give greater unity to the building as a whole, it is important to bear in mind thatthe different Jansen series can be combined because they all look similar.

So, if you need a fire door in one place, it will look the same as other doors that not need this feature. It is the same with systems with and without thermal bridge rupture.



5.- Private homes

At domestic level, the use of steel carpentry is not very common, butit is very useful in cases where a house has large openings.

With a minimal steel section, we can provide fixed or casement windows or doors.


And, in cases where we want patio doors, Jansen’s easy combination systems allow finishes like the one in the kitchen in the photo (recalling old greenhouses), with all the convenience of good insulation and hermetic seals.


6.- Long life

Detractors of steel carpentry often talk about the disadvantage of the rust problem that can occur in time. Nowadays, with Jansen, this is not true. The long life of Jansen steel carpentry is guaranteed thanks to the anti-corrosion treatment (both on the outside and the inside of the profile) and lacquered finishes in various textures and a multitude of colours.




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