An entrance door is like a visiting card. When we choose an entrance door we choose the way we want others to see us.

First impressions are what counts: the main access or entrance door of a home, a shop, an office or a hotel represents the first impression a visitor will receive about the style and character of the building and the people who live and work inside.

The door also has an essential security function: protecting from intrusion or unwanted visits and ensuring a feeling of complete security.


Advantages of aluminium and PVC entrance doors

Aluminium and PVC are ideal materials for doors:
● they provide good looks, diverse designs, functionality, stability and security
● they have great thermal and sound insulation properties and are highly resistant to bad weather
● they offer a very good level of security thanks to their security locks and cylinders, integrated anti-jemmy fittings and the construction of their frames
● they are much easier to maintain than wooden doors and they warp less due to temperature changes
● they are available in a wide range of colours and finishes
● wide variety of panels adapting to the different styles and offering the possibility of decorating each door individually..

The choice of glass determines the appearance of the entrance door. In this field there is also a wide range of decorated and printed glass.

Door handles (double, handles or knobs) and hinges (exposed or hidden) are a very important aesthetic element and their design and material must therefore not be forgotten.

As for the latest new technological features, we should highlight the fingerprint reader, which ensures access is restricted to authorised persons only. There is also the possibility of opening the door by pressing a button on a remote control (similar to the radio control system on cars), which also makes it easier to get into your home.

In places open to the public with frequent transit, automatic doors are the most common solution

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