• Little invasion of interior space
  • Great acoustic insulation
  • Widely used for attending public in offices

A sash window is a vertically opening sliding window. The leaves move gently and safely thanks to a mechanism making it possible to fix them at any point on the track. As well as sliding vertically, the leaves can also be made to tilt to make them easier to clean.

Among their advantages, these windows are quite impermeable and soundproof, they are easy to clean and they hardly invade the interior space.

As well as domestic use, this window has many applications for attention to the public in offices, business premises and restaurants (as hatches, without the lower frame). Finally, thanks to their versatility, sash windows are used to fill spaces where no other opening is possible.

They are rarely used in southern Europe.

They are widely used in central and northern Europe and North America


Sash windows can have one moving leaf and another fixed one, or two moving leaves that slide vertically on separate sets of guides. They can also have a header box into which one or two moving leaves can be introduced, making it possible to expand the opening.

This window is available in PVC and aluminium. However it not available with thermal break. A two-colour finish is possible. It is recommended to use double glazingDouble glazing – also called insulated glazing or even Climalit – is glazing consisting of at least two panes of glass (interior and exterior) separated by a chamber of dehydrated air guaranteed with a double seal.
Double glazing is an excellent thermal and sound insulator compared to single glazing. Single glazing consists of a single pane of glass and is recommended for internal architecture (internal glass doors, dividing elements, mirrors, environment separators, decorative glass) and external architecture (integrated into rails for balconies or terraces).
to improve the sound insulation.

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