Advantages of self-cleaning glass

● increased free time
● lower detergent costs
● greater environmental protection
● better vision through glass on rainy days
● improved exterior condensation on the glass

Self-cleaning glass is glass with an air chamber to which a special transparent layer has been added to the outside in such a way that, as well as its double glazing functions, cleaning frequency is reduced and the glass is easier to clean.

Self-cleaning glass works thanks to the combined action of the sunlight and the rain. Firstly, UV light from the sun, even on cloudy days, breaks down the dirt deposited on the glass and makes the glass surface hydrophilic. Then, when it rains, the water runs down the glass without forming drips and gets rid of the residues broken down by the sunlight.

Self-cleaning glass is particularly suitable for glass openly exposed to rain: glazed roofs, glazed verandas and balconies

Self-cleaning glass can be combined with other functions: reinforced sound insulation; solar control; low emissivity; simple or double safety.

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