• Provides natural light and ventilation for attics
  • Thermal insulation and solar protection
  • Wide range of accessories

Attic windows (or roof windows) are vertical windows closing a projecting body or opening in a sloping roof. This type of window allows the full potential of the attic to be used, providing natural light, ventilation and, often, good views. The new generation of attic windows offers fantastic performance in terms of insulation and solar protection.

It is recommended that the glazed area of the attic is less than 10 per cent of the habitable area

There are basically two types of attic windows:

• turn-to-open windows: for slopes of more than 15%

• dormer windows: for slopes of between 30% and 50% (allowing you to lean out of the window without bumping your head on the other end)

Attics or rooms under the roof are more exposed to changes of temperature than the rest of the home. This means proper insulation is very important. Depending on the climate of the area and the orientation of the window, you need to choose glass with different levels of solar protection and heat transmission. With the aid of an outside shutter or curtain screen it is possible to virtually stop heat coming in in summer.

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