Steel doors and windows with thermal break

  • Ideal for intensively used buildings
  • Available with thermal break
  • Misma perfilería para ventanas como para puertas
  • Available with concealed fittings
  • Available with stainless steel


Thanks to the fact that, as a material, steel is very strong, JANISOL is ideal for intensively used buildings: schools, hospitals, hotels of sports centres.

With this system we can make casement, folding and sliding doors and casement, tilt-and-turn and tilt-and-slide windows. The fittings can either be visible or hidden, with only the handle noticeable. The profile of the doors and windows is the same, making it possible to unify the space.

The Janisol series has fire resistant profiles: EI30, EI60, EI90 and EI120

Within the JANISOL series there are the following VARIANTS:

A. Janisol HI

This is the new product for 2013. JANISOL HI provides better thermal insulation thanks to its triple glazing and the high-tech insulation bars based on polyurethane reinforced with glass fibre. It is ideal for very cold climates with very low winter temperatures..

B. Janisol Primo

JANISOL PRIMO offers the possibility of manufacturing steel windows with thermal bridge rupture with a fitting depth of just 60 mm. Fitting and manufacture are simplified with the use of transversal sections with identical profiles.

C. Janisol Arte

JANISOL ARTE has been especially designed for renovating windows in industrial buildings, in the Bauhaus style, characterised by their extremely thin profiles.

With JANISOL ARTE profiles you can replace old windows without sacrificing good looks or convenience, as its minimal section has thermal bridge rupture.

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