From the point of view of long life and maintenance, PVC is better than aluminium and wood: aluminium, apart from scratching easily, can corrode while, in the case of wood, it takes a lot of work to get it to shine like new – every year you need to sand it down, varnish it and protect it from insects.

PVC is not affected by the weather or by pollution, so windows of this material do not warp or discolour, staying as good as new throughout their useful life, estimated to be over 50 years.

PVC windows do not rot, splinter, peel or flake, and even surface scratches are easy to hide because the whole mass of the profile is the same colour.

Traditionally, wood has been the material used for outdoor carpentry, which is where it gets its name: carpentry (work done by the carpenter). Nowadays it is a material not normally used in this area, except for rural houses or restoration work on old houses, due to its high maintenance cost.


pvc carpentry with wood finish

Aluminium is a material in which a great deal of design effort has been invested both in terms of its look and at a technical level, achieving high-quality carpentry which looks smart and performs very well. The Thermal Break of its profiles is a big step forward in this material’s weakest point: thermal insulation. Even so, a high environmental price is paid for its manufacture.


pvc carpentry with white finish

PVC is one of the greenest options when it comes to choosing outdoor carpentry.

The manufacture of PVC requires less energy and, in its transformation, only water vapour is emitted into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, the fact that this material insulates means that thermal bridge rupture is not necessary, as the whole profile is PVC. It is also easier to recycle. That is why it is said that PVC carpentry is 100% recyclable. Once it has been recovered, it can be used again in various applications as varied as a simple jumper, very strong vinyl flooring, terrace furniture and pipes.

To improve the thermal characteristics of PVC profiles, they have chambers incorporated into their design dividing the internal space so that extremely cold or hot temperatures outside do not come into contact with the comfort temperature inside the room.

PVC windows have 4 electrowelded corners and are totally impermeable to water leaks and draughts through this delicate point.


PVC windows has a wide range of colours. However, it has been in imitation wood where spectacular results and textures have been achieved.

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