• Reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the window
  • Allows as much daylight through as possible
  • Reduces air conditioning costs in summer
  • Can be combined with other solar protection accessories

Solar control glass (also known as solar-e or spectrally selective glass) is thermally reinforced double glazing with an added thin, transparent layer on one of its panes so that, as well as its double glazing functions and without affecting the quantity of light, it reduces the amount of solar heat (long wave energy) absorbed by the glass and the quantity of solar heat passing from the outside to the inside through the glass.

Solar control glass is colourless and allows maximum daylight (short wave energy) to pass. This makes it different from tinted or coloured glass, which are also used to control the transmission of solar heat but which have the disadvantage that they reduce light and visibility. It also heats up a great deal because of the high level of heat absorption.

Solar control glass is highly recommended in countries with very hot summers

It prevents the oppressive feeling produced by excessive heat and substantially reduces the cost of electricity for air conditioning.

Solar control glass can be combined with other functions: sound insulation; low emissivity; anti-accident safety; ecurity in the case of burglary or vandalism or self-cleaning.
Solar control glass can also be combined with the installation of more traditional solar protection accessories to reduce direct solar radiation: shutters, blinds, lattices or screen curtains. All these accessories, by making the room darker, reduce the solar heat coming into contact with the glass.

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