Advantages of roller shutters

● they allow the entry of light to be freely regulated, from    total darkness to maximum light
● they help to create intimacy, offering visual protection    from prying eyes outside
● they reinforce the thermal and sound insulation of the    window
● they constitute an added security element for the home

Types of roller shutter

The main types of aluminium roller shutter are:
● with hollow aluminium stripsaluminium strips are more common than PVC strips, which are the simplest and most economical
● with injected aluminium strips and polyurethane foam, which improves the sound and thermal insulation of the window
● with extruded aluminium strips, made of thicker, very hard aluminium providing greater security than conventional aluminium shutters. The self-locking system can be added, making it impossible to raise the blind from the outside.

The strips can be straight or curved in shape and blind or mechanised (for aeration).
There is also a wide variety of measurements and colours.

Shutters are the most common window accessory

For handling them, there are three types of activation:
● strap (the quickest)
● handle (the quietest)
● motor activation (the most convenient)

The box housing the shutter can be inside or outside the room.

As for shutter motors or automation, there is a wide range of models: with remote control, with wall button, with obstacle detection, ultra-quiet, with devices to capture the wind and sun making it possible to reduce energy costs, or with time switches raising and lowering the blinds at programmed times or simulating presence to prevent burglaries.

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