Steel curtain walls and skylights with thermal break

  • Ideal for intensively used buildings
  • It combines with the other Jansen series
  • Available with fire-resistant profiles
  • Façades and skylights with the same profiles


Thanks to the fact that, as a material, it is very strong, steel is ideal for covering large spans, whether on façades or skylights, with minimal sections.

VISS profiles allow solutions adaptable to any design


VISS vertical

The VISS system of profiles for load-bearing structures combined with VISS TV system joints, offers the possibility of manufacturing curtain walls with thermal break. The assembly system, which can be frontal, lateral or welded, makes it easier to install.



VISS skylights

Thanks to the strength of steel, with the VISS profile system for load-bearing structures you can make large skylights with thermal break. The assembly system for these is the same as for light façades, so it can be frontal, lateral or welded.


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