The look of a conventional building façade can be improved with a wide variety of covering materials.
The most traditional materials are a coat of paint, mortar rendering or natural stone facing.

FENSTER covers façades and balconies with the most advanced, innovative materials, such as aluminium sheeting and composite panelA composite panel is a multi-layer sandwich consisting of two aluminium sheets stuck to a core of polyethylene or similar material with good thermal, acoustic and fire resistant qualities..

Advantages of aluminium sheeting and composite panels

Aluminium sheeting and composite panels offer many advantages:
● lightness and flat surfaces allowing large formats
● resistance to solar radiation, scratching and corrosive environments
● absorption of vibrations and movements of the building and temperature fluctuations
● considerable improvement in the acoustic performance of the building
● the surfaces are easy by clean and repel dirt
● wide variety of colours, shapes and finishes (painted or anodised // corrugated or micro-perforated)
● malleable material, adapting to all shapes (curves or straight edges and pillar covering).

Aluminium sheeting and composite panels allow architects a wide variety of options for architectural creativity

Applications of aluminium sheeting and composite panels

Aluminium sheeting and composite panels are used in:
● renovation of existing buildings
● buildings with large areas of façade: commercial buildings, hotels and corporate headquarters
● buildings in extreme conditions: very tall buildings or those near the sea

FENSTER will give you all the advice you need about façade coverings

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