Personal safety and security has a second aspect concerning not the injuries a person might suffer as a result of accidentally broken glass, but rather injury to people or damage to property as a result of criminal third-party action.
In this second aspect, laminated glass plays a very important safety and protection role against acts of vandalism, burglary, bullets and even the expansion wave from bombs.

Simple safety glass offers only first-level protection against burglary: it delays intrusion by a criminal but does not prevent it. For a higher level of security, double security glass must be used.


Levels of security

Depending on the level of security required, the double security glass can be strong (2 panes of 4 or 6mm), burglary-proof (3 panes of 4mm or 6 mm) and bullet-proof (4 panes of 6mm). As well as the thickness and the number of panes, the composition and thickness of the layer or intermediate plastic film joining the sheets is very important.

Applications of double security glass

● embassies, museums, airports, hospitals, psychiatric units, shopping centres, banks and post offices.
● isolated homes or homes without exterior protective elements (exterior fence, shutters or louvred security shutters)
● homes with valuable objects inside
● homes lived in by people with specific risks (politicians, business people, journalists, police offices, senior civil servants)
● people who have a strong preference for security and choose double security glass despite its higher financial cost

Double security glass can be combined with other functions: double glazing, reinforced sound insulation; solar control; low emissivity or self-cleaning.

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