The curtain wall – or light façade – is a construction system making it possible to create open, innovative, elegant façades.

They are largely used in public buildings, offices, corporate headquarters, hotels and commercial buildings.

Curtain walls are characterised by being an enclosure largely made of glass, supported by a metal substructure of exposed or hidden uprights and crosspieces fixed to the structure of the building.

The curtain wall does not bear any of the building’s load

In most cases, the curtain wall supports its own weight (self-bearing); otherwise it is the structure of the building that bears the load of the curtain wall.

The curtain wall is designed to resist the strength of the wind and ensure water- and air-tightness.

The thermal insulation of the façade will depend largely on the type of glass used.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of enclosure is the higher energy, cleaning and maintenance costs of the building compared to a conventional façade.

The leading brands in curtain walls are TECHNAL, WICONA and SCHÜCO.

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