fenster- CEIP Les Flandes Piera-fachada
“Les Flandes” Primary Schools

Location: Piera
Year: 2007
Architect: Josep Maria Fort i Mir
Client: Generalitat de Catalunya
Construction Co.: Construcciones Perez Villora

Glazing and façade coverings: Fenster

Due to the constantly increasing population in Piera the need arose to construct a new building with greater capacity to house “Les Flandes” Public Infant and Primary School.

The construction of the new building was awarded to Construcciones Perez Villora, which, in turn, asked Fenster to carry out the exterior closure works.

The new building at nº 26-28 Carrer Mossèn Jaume Guixà, was officially opened in the 2007-2008 school year.

News published about this building:
– School´s website
– Article published in “Anoia Diari”

Pictures: thanks to Construcciones Perez Villora

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