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Standard balcony sliding door

Balcony sliding doors are ideal for when you want to take advantage of all the view outside. They are recommended for large windows, as they allow very good use of sunlight, specifically with the hidden leaf system.

Balcony sliding doors have another great virtue: they occupy only the plane in which they move. For this reason, ease of opening does not affect the interior decoration: curtains and furniture can be placed near them and no space is lost around the opening.

They have the disadvantage that only part of the opening – generally half – is usable. They also fit less hermetically, so they are generally less water- and air-tight and their sound and thermal insulation properties are generally poorer than in casement balcony doors.

The leaf of a balcony or terrace sliding door can be 1.80 to 2.30 m high and 60 cm to 3.00 m wide, allowing large openings to be glazed. This type of balcony door has at least two leaves, although three- and four-leaf balcony doors are quite normal. The opening system is very versatile: it can be from either side, the left or the right or both at the same time.

It is highly advisable to install good wheels to make the leaves slide more softly and gently

They are available in PVC and aluminium. In this latter material, it is also available with thermal bridge rupture, and you can choose between exposed and hidden leaves. A two-colour finish is possible. Use of chamber glass is recommended to improve the sound insulation. It is possible to considerably increase security by fitting a multi-point locking system.

There are two variants of sliding balcony door depending on some additional fittings which can be added:

Balcony lift & slide door

The balcony lift and slide door is designed in such a way that, when the balcony door leaf is slid along it lifts up slightly, preventing friction on the bearings. The lifting fitting allows the leaf to be slid along without effort, even if it is very heavy or large. In addition, in the open position, the raised leaf allows controlled aeration, as there is no contact between the joint and the frame. The security of the lifting balcony door can be increased with the multipoint locking system. Available only with exposed leaves.

Balcony tilt & slide doors

The tilt and slide balcony door, whose leaf moves from its vertical position towards the inside and then moves laterally in front of and parallel to the frame, offers a very efficient pressure closure system linking the sliding system with the casement and tilt and turn system, bringing all the solutions together in the same system. Available only with exposed leaves.

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