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Advantages of adjustable or graduated shutters

● Graduated shutters mean there is no need for an internal or external box, common in roller shutters. This means the window fully develops its properties, ensuring the best possible sound and thermal insulation: shutter and window are completely independent.

● These strips do not need vertical linking elements and can be adjusted to different degrees of inclination, allowing perfect light regulation and providing a clear view outside, while preserving privacy inside.

● Graduated shutters allow hermetic closure, as their strips fit perfectly together. When the shutter is down, the interior is in total darkness. The shutter can be completely raised, leaving the window completely clear.

Adjustable shutters are the latest trend

Graduated shutters are available in a wide range of designs, measurements, colours and anodised finishes.

There is also the two-colour option, so the façade and interior can combine different lines of colour.

As for shutter motors or automation, there is a wide range of models: with remote control, with wall button, with obstacle detection, ultra-quiet, with devices to capture the wind and sun making it possible to reduce energy costs, or with time switches raising and lowering the blinds at programmed times or simulating presence to prevent burglaries.

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