vidrio acustico
  • Combats noise nuisance
  • Makes your home more peaceful
  • Reduces sleeping problems
  • Makes it easier to concentrate in the study

Acoustic glass is glass composed on the outside by two laminated sheets of glass with a layer of plastic (PVB) between them, designed to reinforce sound insulation, an air chamber and a second internal pane of glass, which can be single glazing (transparent or matted with acid to preserve privacy) or another pane of laminated glass with thermal insulation, solar control, low-emissivity or safety and security functions.

Noise strength is measured in decibels (dB). The audibility level is fixed at 0 dB, below which human ears cannot perceive sound. The physical pain threshold for hearing is around 140 dB. A plane taking off generates 130 dB. A silent environment does not mean the sound level is 0 dB.

A comfortable room must not exceed 40 dB during the day and 35 dB during the night

Concentration difficulties appear at 50 dB. In a peaceful wood we find 20 db, in a library 35 dB, in an office 60-70 dBdiagrama “termómetro del ruido.

Noise from a street with wheeled traffic is 75-80 dB. Single glazing attenuates noise by 20 dB. This kind of glass is not an effective barrier against noise pollution.

Double glazing can achieve attenuation of 30-32 dB. The price-performance ratio of this double glazing is exceptional. Remember that, for the human ear, each additional 10 dB of sound attenuation means a 50% reduction in subjective noise perception.

Normal acoustic double glazingp.e. vidrio exterior laminado formado por dos lunas de 4 y5 mm + cámara de aire 12mm + vidrio interior laminado formado por dos lunas de 3 mm achieves acoustic attenuation of 36-40 dB, producing high-quality sound insulation.

High acoustic double glazing achieves acoustic attenuation of 42-45 dB, reducing subjective noise perception by 50% compared with ordinary double glazing. This kind of glass is recommended for places with high noise levels.

To achieve good sound insulation it is not enough to have good acoustic glass: professional installation and fitting is also essential.

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