• Solar graduation in large spaces in industrial units, schools and hotels
  • Control visual o quita-vistas
  • Ventilation for car parks, air conditioning or boilers
  • Hiding water or gas pipes
  • Enclosures for terraces, areas for drying washing or galleries


Types of screens

Screens can be PVC or aluminium. The strips can be placed horizontally or vertically. In shape the strips can be flat or oval and they can be fixedThe fixed strips can be assembled so that they are fixed with the inclination you require. or adjustableActivation can be manual, electric using a motor with a switch, or automatically graduated (with photocell). (mobile).

Depending on the frame they are fitted in, screens can be fixed, casement, folding (or accordion) and sliding types.

The strips can be supplied in standard colours (white, ivory, grey) or any RAL colour.Dark colours are not recommended. The aluminium strips are supplied in anodised finishes, imitation wood and metallic.

Screens provide air circulation, control of the light coming in and greater privacy and security

Aluminium strips are also used as fences for separating chalets, terraces or balconies. They can be fitted completely blind or with an opening. The separation between the strips can be graduated to adjust the view, privacy and the wind allowed through, leaving a greater distance between strips or putting them tightly together.

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