• Vertical or horizontal turn opening
    • Makes it possible to adjust the ventilation
    • Clean and clear view scope



Advantages of pivoting windows

The pivoting window system offers many advantages: good level of impermeability and soundproofing thanks to its pressure closure, very wide field of vision and little invasion of internal space.

Pivoting windows allow you to adjust the amount of ventilation, helping you obtain the desired temperature in a room. Another advantage is that they are very easy to clean from the inside.

The pivoting opening system is perfectly suitable for rectangular windows, but it is also ideal for round windows or those with special curves

This window is available in PVC and aluminium. In the latter material it is also available with thermal breakAluminium is an excellent conductor of cold and heat and is not an effective thermal insulator.
Thermal Break (TB) consists of preventing contact between the outer and inner faces of the window by fitting a rubber separator between the external and internal profiles to eliminate conduction and increase insulation.
Another advantage of TB is that it improves the sound insulation of the window.
. A two-colour finish is possible.

A pivoting window can be a vertical turn opening or horizontal turn opening window.

Pivoting windows do not turn freely, they have friction points controlled by the user, allowing multiple opening positions. The catch can be conventional, with side or central handle, or with a push bar.

It is recommended to use double glazingDouble glazing – also called insulated glazing or even Climalit – is glazing consisting of at least two panes of glass (interior and exterior) separated by a chamber of dehydrated air guaranteed with a double seal.
Double glazing is an excellent thermal and sound insulator compared to single glazing. Single glazing consists of a single pane of glass and is recommended for internal architecture (internal glass doors, dividing elements, mirrors, environment separators, decorative glass) and external architecture (integrated into rails for balconies or terraces).
to improve the sound insulation.

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