Applications of louver shutters

● they contribute to decorating the façade and defining the style of a home
● they protect the windows from rain and other bad weather
● they help regulate the amount of light coming in and create the desired atmosphere
● they help create privacy, limiting the view inside from the outside
● when closed, they act as protection against burglary
● they reinforce the thermal and sound insulation of the windo

Louver shutters are a product that is very much in demand because they have many applications and advantages


Types of louver shutters

Louver shutters can be manufactured in aluminium, steel or PVC, materials which, unlike wood, have long life and low maintenance costs.

A louver shutter’s strips can be open, closed or adjustable (or movable); and its opening system can be sliding, casement or accordion (folding) type.

There is a wide variety of shapes, colours and finishes so any idea or architectural style can be achieved thanks to this variety of options.

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