• Prevents insects from coming in
  • Very easy to handle
  • A wide variety of options

Fly screens can be fitted on windows, balcony doors and doors. They can also be combined with louvred shutters or other types of shutter. They are very easy to handle.

Fly screens consist of a glass fibre fabric with a PVC frame. The narrow slide guides are adapted to the colour of the window.

The fly screen prevents mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, flies and other insects coming in

Type of fly screens

There is a wide variety of fly screens. The following are the most commonly used types:
fixed fly screen: this is the simplest, most economical option, fitted in places where it is not necessary to get outside through the window. There are different fixing systems (stainless steel plates, brackets, etc.) and the fabric can easily be changed.
roller fly screen: rolling vertically or laterally: this is the option most in demand in places where it is not necessary to get outside through the window. Double-leaf lateral rolling makes it possible to close off balcony doors up to 2.30 m high and 2.20 m wide.
pleated fly screen: this is the one we recommend for doors and balcony doors. Its side collection system allows quick access to the outside from the inside and vice versa.
casement fly screen: manufactured in one and two panes. It closes more hermetically and its hinges are reversible.

Fly screens are an essential accessory in summer, as they allow the room to be ventilated and cooled without risks

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