• Ideal for large openings
  • Allows full or partial opening
  • The leaves are folded without effort

The balcony folding door, also known as accordion door, is ideal for large openings. When folded, the leaves allow almost full opening. They are also used for very narrow openings where sliding or casement doors cannot be installed.

3 to 7 leaf opening systems can be made, and they can be applied indoors or outside. This type of balcony door can be installed with a system of catches on the different leaves making it possible to partially or fully open the accordion.

The leaves can be folded easily and with little effort outwards or inwards and can be slid to the left and/or the right, moving almost silently on rails with guides at top and bottom.

When folded, the leaves allow almost full opening

They are available in PVC and aluminium. In the latter material they are also available with thermal bridge rupture. They can only be chosen with exposed leaves. A two-colour finish is possible. Use of chamber glass is recommended to improve the sound insulation. It is possible to considerably increase security by fitting a multi-point locking system.

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